Ashley Deschamps

Singer . Actor . Creative

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About me

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Sparknotes version:

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Who am I?

Ashley Deschamps (Duh? - Shamps) she/ her:)

Where am I?

Originally from and currently on Long ​Island


  • Shakespeare!!!
  • fun socks
  • dark chocolate
  • Pokemon Go


  • The NYC subway system
  • wooden rollercoasters
  • losing my fun socks :(

Long version:

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Hi there!

My name is Ashley Deschamps and I’m a ​New York based actor, singer, and ​confident mover whose just really excited ​to be here! I was born and raised on Long ​Island and will proudly let you know of ​this fact any time I have the chance. I ​found my love of theatre through frequent ​trips on the LIRR to see shows that I could ​only dream one day to be apart of. This ​love of all things creative was fueled by ​the support and care from mentors I met ​in my training at Long Island University, ​where I will be graduating this May with a ​BFA in Musical Theatre.

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Through college, I studied forms of theatre like Shakespeare, Meisner, and ​Stanislavski. These methods of mining through text have inspired me to find ​the detail and specificity in the simplest of dialogue.

As an artist I enjoy pieces that instill hope and showcase the joys of simply ​being alive. It’s something so easy to lose yet so important for people to see, ​especially today. Even in the most dramatic works, I find it so compelling ​when a story can leave a glimmer of hope and inspire audiences to keep going ​even in their hardest moment.

Outside of the theatre, I enjoy biking and collecting vintage comic books with ​my dad (Avengers specifically). I have two dogs names Shaggy and Romeo and ​they are spoiled rotten. And finally, my family is the most important thing in ​my life (very cliche but true).

Thank you for reading:)

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